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A cutting edge Family Entertainment Center to have unparalleled experience of Amusement park, fitness and sports together. This makes it a ultimate venue for Birthday Parties, School Trips, Corporate Parties and Active Social events.

At SkyJumper Trampoline Park, feel like a Superman by jumping off the walls, flying through the air and having fun with family and friends in a playground of over 100 interconnected, world-class trampolines! The place is suitable for all age groups above 3 Years and has designated kids and adults play area.

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Events At SkyJumper

Corporate Team Building

Team work reaches new levels in our dodgeball courts. Creativity blossoms in the foam pit and healthy competition is practiced in the slam dunk zone

Birthday Parties

You have wasted all those years when you didn't celebrate your Birthday with SkyJumper. We promise to make your this birthday the most memorable one

School Day Trips

SkyJumper Trampoline Park is the most sought after destination for school groups for day trips. Give your students a break from the classroom and let them bounce their way to success with our trampoline park day camps!.

Park Attractions

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Courses

Adventure awaits on our challenging obstacle courses at SkyJumper

Soft Play

Soft Play

Safe and stimulating play area for young children to explore and have fun

Inflatable Park

Inflatable Park

Jump, slide and climb your way through our inflatable park, Perfect for all ages.

Trampoline Arena

Trampoline Arena

Bounce, jump and flip your way to fun in our high-energy trampoline arena

Sky Shots

Sky Shots

A laser-based shooting zone that's extremely safe, equally accurate and more fun.

GenZ...The Teen Disco

GenZ...The Teen Disco

A discotheque that provides teenagers with a safe and alcohol-free environment to experience the same

Family Rides

Family Rides

Experience thrills together with family-friendly rides at Skyjumper

Laser Tag Arena

Laser Tag Arena

Battle it out in our state-of-the-art laser tag arena, complete with fog and special effects

Party Room

Party Room

Celebrate in style with a private party room, perfect for birthdays, team events, and more

Sky Lounge Cafe

Sky Lounge Cafe

Relax and refuel with delicious food and drinks in our comfortable sky lounge


Amaira Singh

5 yrs, Student

Visiting the trampoline park was the best day ever! I felt like a superhero jumping... and flipping around. The staff was so nice and helpful, they taught me cool tricks and made sure I was safe at all times. I had a blast and I'm already planning my next visit. I can't wait to see what new adventures await me at the trampoline park! + Read More

Uday Khullar

28 yrs, Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Our team building at the trampoline park was like no other! It was great to see my colleagues jum... p out of their comfort zones and onto the trampolines. We had a hilarious time bouncing around, trying to dodge the balls and falling into the foam pit. It was a refreshing change from the usual "meetings over coffee" routine. The team came out of the experience stronger and more connected. + Read More

Aashutosh Sharda

30 yrs, Fitness Enthusiast

Who knew bouncing could be such a great workout? I'm hooked on trampolining at the ... Skyjumper Trampoline Park. I had always thought of trampolining as a fun activity, but little did I know how much of a workout it could be. Jumping around on the trampolines really gets your heart rate up and gives you an intense full-body workout + Read More

Gurbani Nagi

33 yrs, Housemaker

I was blown away by how the trampoline park made my child's birthday party such a ... breeze! The staff were super friendly and helpful, they took care of everything from setting up to cleaning up, so I could relax and enjoy the party with my child. The kids had a blast bouncing around, and the party room was beautifully decorated! + Read More


29 yrs, Account Manager, Hotstar

Visiting the trampoline park was exactly what I needed to recharge and bounc... e back stronger! The moment I stepped onto the trampoline, I felt my worries melt away. I spent the afternoon bouncing around, trying new tricks, and just having fun. It was a great way to release some stress and clear my head + Read More


Blogs & News


June 07, 2023

SkyJumper Takes Trampolining to New Heights with India's First Open Competition

This ground-breaking event brought together 12 of the country's top athletes to showcase their extraordinary skills and compete for the coveted title...

  • Hindustan Times
  • Hindustan Times

May 19, 2023

SkyJumper Trampoline Park Proudly Announces India’s First Open Trampoline Competition

SkyJumper Sports And Amusement, a leading provider of exhilarating entertainment and recreational activities, is delighted to unveil India’s First open trampoline competition, set to take place on May 21st at Garuda Mall in Bangalore. This ground-breaking event will showcase 12 exceptional national-level athletes vying for coveted cash prizes while propelling the growth of trampolining as a popular sport in India....

  • Nitin Naresh
  • Inventica

April 08, 2023

SkyJumper Trampoline Park Bounces into Bangalore and Ahmedabad

SkyJumper, India’s premier indoor trampoline park chain, has expanded its footprint in India with the opening of two new parks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Founded in 2017 by two IT professionals, Jitender Chhabra and Suneel Dhar, SkyJumper aims to introduce a healthy and enjoyable form of recreation to India’s youth. With the company’s vision to become a global leader in the amusement industry, this expansion marks another step towards realizing that goal....

  • Nitin Naresh

  • Do Not Jump if you have health limitations, injury, pregnancy or under influnce of alcohol and drugs
  • Always empty your pocket before you jump.
  • No sharp objects, jewellery or unauthorized device(camera, phone etc.) allowed on court.
  • Always be aware of those around
  • It is your Responsiblity to avoid others
  • Always jump in the center of the trampoline
  • Always Jump on the two feet.
  • Do not land on head or neck.
  • Do not affect another jumper's bounce in anyway
  • No double flips
  • No back flips or forward flips unless trained
  • Always remain in control.
  • Always walk off the court.
  • Always follow the Court Monitor's instruction's.
  • Do not jump if a Court Monitor is not present.
  • Do not sit or lie down on the court.
  • No rough play or running.
  • No climbing or hanging on the wall pads or nets.

In order for everyone to have a great time at SKYJUMPER, we ask you to follow the park's safety regulations, which will keep everyone bouncing safely

Everyone who enters SKYJUMPER trampoline Park must complete a valid signed walver. Those under 18 must have it signed completed by their parent or legal guardian. The waiver form can be completed at waiver station, however in order to save time we recommend you to fit online from our website, print it and bring it signed to the venue

  • Remove all items from your pockets
  • Only one jumper per trampoline bed, no double bouncing
  • The trampoline courts are for jumping if you are tired the trampoline area and rest on the main platform
  • No pushing tackling running racing or any such kind of activity
  • Do not touch or hang on to any of the top pads on the court
  • Do not attempt anything outside of your personal capabilities
  • Single flips are permitted, No double flips, and do not flip over the pads.
  • No chewing or eating while bouncing
  • No more than two flips in a row
  • Flips and other tricks can be dangerous. Perform at your own risk
  • Do not touch any part of the basketball back-board or netting
  • You must follow the instructions given by the court De not south or hang on to any of the top pads on the monitor at all times


A cutting edge Family Entertainment Center to have unparalleled experience of Amusement park, fitness and sports together.


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